Camel Air Lift Cushion

$ 2,499.00

The CAMEL Air Lift Cushion inflates under someone who has fallen and gets them upright safely and comfortably!

The CAMEL air lifting cushion does all the lifting when a patient or loved one falls down.

It lifts the fallen person 21.5" from the floor to make it easier for them to stand or transfer to a nearby chair.

The CAMEL system can lift up to 700 lbs but it is portable and only weighs 14 lbs.

Ideal for emergency professionals and caregivers to prevent back injuries that occur when lifting patients.

Camel Air Lift Demonstration Video

The CAMEL (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) is a state of the art inflatable cushion designed to gently lift you up if you fall on the floor.

This inflatible chair protects caregivers from back injuries. The CAMEL air lifting cushion does the heavy lifting when a patient or loved one falls down. It lifts the fallen person into a raised seated position of 21.5" to make it easier for them to stand or transfer to a nearby chair. The cushion also has a back rest that helps patients sit up without any manual assistance.

The CAMEL Lift System comes with the following:

The inflatable cushion: the cushion's surface is washable and can be disinfected if necessary.

One air compressor: A single air compressor is all you need to inflate the cushion. (A second compressor provides backup in an emergency. Two compressors may also be helpful in group settings where a second person may need assistance before the first compressor has recharged. Please call us if this is the case.) It is recommended that the battery powered air pump remain plugged in and charging at all times to ensure that it will be ready when needed.

Each air compressor weighs 17.25 lbs and will handle 2 full inflation cycles on a single charge.

A carrying case for storage for the cushion.

The CAMEL lifter is incredibly strong, but is also portable for your convenience. It can lift up to 700 pounds, but the unit itself only weighs 14 pounds. The air compressor is an easy to carry briefcase-style case and the CAMEL Cushion rolls up to be stored in a carrying case of its own.

The CAMEL Air Lift Cushion is designed to handle large or bariatric patients who have trouble getting up off the floor by themselves. This is the perfect solution for caregivers, nurses, EMTs and other emergency personnel who are likely to be called to the scene of a fall.

There is also a smaller version for use in narrow spaces

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Special Notes If you are not a professional, please talk with an Occupational Therapist about the best way to utilize this equipment to minimize injuries. The assembly and inflation of the unit should be practiced so that you can act quickly in the event of a fall.


Click here to see a copy of the Camel Lift Cushion instructions


Deflated Roll:  30.5" W x 8" H


Seat: 21.5" H x 28" W x 19" D
Backrest: 24.5" W x 32.5" H

Weight Capacity: 700lb

Product Weight :
Cushion: 14.00 lb
Air Pump: 17.25 lb

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty on the cushion and the air pump. (The warranty does not include the battery.)

Batteries/Electric: Air Pump uses 110V outlet to charge a rechargeable battery (included).

Medical Restrictions: This product is not meant for use without assistance. Once a person has fallen, someone else will have to bring the cushion and the pump to them.

Care/Washing Instructions: Cushion has a washable surface that can be disinfected if needed.

Professional Ratings: UL and TUV Approved

Made in: United Kingdom

Brand Name: Camel

Return Policy:

30% Restocking Fee: Please measure and assess your needs carefully. Depending upon the condition of the returned product, there will be a 30% or more restocking fee.


Delivers within 2 weeks: This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Delivery is usually within two weeks.