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Affordable and Portable Bath Mobility

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The peaceful solitude of your bath, the smell of an aromatic oil, and your favorite music in the background can be just the thing after a long day.

While unwinding, the warm water can also offer physical comfort for the symptoms of many conditions. Conditions such as arthritis, headaches, muscle tension, back pain and even some skin conditions.

Soaking in warm water relaxes tight soft tissues around your joints by increasing blood flow to your skin and outlying parts of the body.

The water’s heat can even help your body reduce pain by increasing the levels of certain hormones or endorphins in your body.

A pleasant bath has also been found to reduce one’s blood pressure and improve circulation. And it's no surprise that surrounding oneself in warm water can help to reduce stress.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for everyone to get in and out of the bath tub.

For those who find it difficult, the Mangar Bath Lift Cushion and Archimedes Bath Lift are a low cost option to practice the original form of hydrotherapy.


The Mangar Bath lift Cushion

Provides a portable, versatile, and fuss free option for all of your bathing needs.

Mangar Bathing Cushion with Air Flo MPCA030600The Bath Lift Cushion is lightweight and can be tucked away easily. This is especially important if you need to share the bath with others in your household. Once you have pressed the hand control’s button, you will slowly and gently be lowered into your bath.

Once you have come close to reaching full deflation, you can release all of the cushion’s air. This allows you to lie back and fully relax so that your entire body is covered with water, just like a normal bath!

But, you can also leave just a little bit of the cushion’s air in it for a comfortable back rest.

The Mangar Portable Air Powered Bath lift Cushion is the ideal solution if you still have reasonable upper body stability. But, If you’re upper body’s stability can be a challenge the Archimedes Bath Lift is the solution.


The Archimedes Bath Lift

The Archimedes Bath Lift provides stable back support while being lowered and raised from the bath.

Making it very easy and safe to relax and take the weight off of your joints.

The lightweight, battery powered lift chair provides the comfort of a high backrest and a long seat while still maximizing your leg room.


Affordable Alternatives to A Walk In Bath

Walk in baths can cost thousands of dollars as well as additional steep costs for their installation.

Even after the thousands of dollars you cannot remove the costly walk in bath and take it with you on a trip. The Bath Lift Cushion simply rolls into itself for easy storage or travel. While the Archimedes Bath Lift’s stabilizing suckers features a unique release system preventing your from having to release the 4 suckers one by one.

Also, a walk in bath prevents other members of the house hold or visiting family guests a traditional bath or in some cases use of the above head shower.

If you or someone in your care is facing difficulty getting in and out of the bath, look no further than our two affordable walk-in bath alternatives. We would be happy to help you choose the solution that is best for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-940-0605 or at


What is the Difference Between the Elk & Camel Lifts?

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Humane Lift by Live Oak proudly offers both of Mangar’s innovative portable emergency patient lifts.

Humane Lift’s Camel (Click Here) and Elk (Click Here) lifts are both low cost solutions allowing patients to preserve their independence and dignity. Each system includes an inflatable, professional grade cushion. With the cushion, the patient can be easily and safely lifted from the floor to an elevated sitting position.

This protects both the caregiver and the patient from injuries associated with manually lifting patients from the floor. The strain to both the caregiver’s and the patient’s back and arms can lead to further injury and costs. Also, offering an alternative to an expensive ambulance visit.

Both the Elk and the Camel feature the same battery powered compressor, the Airflo Plus. The AirFlo Plus connects to the same easy to use 4-way hand control. The 4-way hand control allows the operator control each of the system’s 4 independent cushions.

Even though both the Elk and Camel Lifts accomplish the same goal, each has unique features:

The primary difference between the two lifts is that the Elk requires the assistance of another caregiver.

Mangar Elk Lift


Without the additional backrest the Elk requires an operator or caregiver to stand behind the patient to ensure their stability.

With its platform design the the Elk lift is able to lift an astonishing 992 lbs. 


The Camel Lift system features an additional adjustable back support:


Mangar Camel Emergency Lift Cushion

This support creates a chair like support for the user as well as allowing the patient to use the system without a caregiver present. 

With its additional back support the Camel is able to lift a maximum weight of 705 lbs.




One of the major benefits of both systems is their portability.

Each cushion is designed to be easily transported and stored.

The Camel system comes with an additional bag to store the rolled up cushion and hand controls.

While the Elk cushion and controls can conveniently roll up in to its self.

Live Oak strongly recommends watching each of the system’s demonstration videos and reading their respective instruction manuals for further information. Also, email us at or 888-940-0605 for any further questions.


Welcome to Live Oak!

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Hello there! welcome to our new web site.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and features. We have made just a "few" changes and adjustments.

With this being Live Oak's opening blog post we wanted to let you know who we are and what you can expect in the future.

Live Oak was born out of a combination of industry leaders, Dynamic Living and AdaptMy.

We will be continuing the almost 18 years of providing exemplary customer service and the finest products.

All to help make you or your loved one's daily living easier, safer, and more comfortable.

As well as supplying a variety of useful tips, resources, and articles.

Please take a look around, tell us what you think about the new site!