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NYT: Bracing for the Falls of An Aging Nation

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The New York Times Health section recently featured the article:

"Bracing for the Falls of An Aging Nation”.

Katie Hafner outlines the significant and growing danger of senior falls.

"As the population ages and people live longer in bad shape, the number of older Americans who fall and suffer serious, even fatal, injuries is soaring. So the retirement communities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes where millions of Americans live are trying to balance safety and their residents’ desire to live as they choose."

The article also highlights many of the efforts by retirement homes to use architects and interior decorators to make their facilities adapted to this growing problem.

Here are some of the more innovative designs featured:

"Some facilities have begun to install floor lighting, much like that on airplanes, that automatically turns on when a resident gets out of bed, illuminating a pathway to the bathroom"

"Others are installing energy-absorbing flooring in bathrooms, to reduce the impact of a fall.”

All of these designs with a senior’s actual view point in mind. The online article features astonishing examples of what stairs, showers, and toilets can look to those suffering from declining vision.

You can plainly see the positive impact that the new design features have for the future peace of mind and independence of the senior community.

Humane Lift Deluxe Catalog: Home Safety and Independence

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We recently released a deluxe catalog for our new Humane Lift line with information for professional caregivers and first responders.

Today, we are releasing a Humane Lift deluxe catalog with a focus on home safety and independence.  The Catalog features our whole Humane Lift line as well as an in depth analysis of their significant financial and physical benefits for your safety and independence at home. 

Click here for a downloadable version of the Home Safety and Independence Edition Catalog

Scrollable version of the catalog below, to zoom in select the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner:

AAA RoadWise Driver Safety Course For Seniors

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AAA has been at the forefront of driver safety and improvement. They actually developed the first driver training program in 1935.

AAA recently developed a RoadWise Driver safety course for seniors.

The RoadWise Defensive Driver course offers you the opportunity to keep your driving skills up to date as well as getting the most out of your car. The course is offered both in a classroom and in a convenient online format.

According to the AAA, "senior drivers are at a higher risk of having a serious accident per mile driven than any other age group except those under age 25. Drivers in their late 70s have about the same number of injury-involved crashers per mile driven as drivers in their early 20s.”

This defensive driving course can help you stay safe and retain your independent lifestyle while potentially saving money on your auto insurance.

Be sure to check out the availability of the RoadWise Driver Safety course online or in person in your state (click here). Additional charges may apply, although discounts on your insurance may be available!

Also completing g the course, see if there is anything else that Live Oak can help you with on the road in our Car solutions section.

Your Sleeping Position and Long Term Back Health

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The Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic Center for Spine Health have outlined a few effective tips for the most common sleeping positions.

Their tips aim to reduce your back pain and also improve your night’s sleep.

We spend a significant amount of our time sleeping, this time can have a significant effect on your back’s health.

Sleeping on Your Back

If you choose to sleep on your back, it is essential to keep your spine in a neutral resting position.

The Mayo Clinic suggests placing a pillow beneath your head, neck, and shoulders for basic neck support.

As well as placing a pillow beneath your knees to ensure the natural resting position of your spine.

For even more spine support, you can also place a rolled up towel beneath your lower back.

Sleeping on your back will cause less stress on your back than sleeping on your front.

It allows you to spread out your body weight evenly across its largest surface.

Sleeping on Your Side 

If you chose to sleep on your side a few simple changes can take significant stress of your back.

The Mayo Clinic suggests pulling your knees up towards your chest slightly and placing a pillow between your knees and legs.

A Hugg-A-Pillow, a full-length pillow, can add provide more support between the knees and legs than a traditional pillow.

This pillow between your knees and legs allows your hips, pelvis, and spine to remain in their neutral and aligned position.

The Cleveland Clinic recommends that you should also alternate your sides daily to prevent pain and muscle imbalance. 

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach has been shown to cause increased strain on your back.

To reduce tension in your back the Mayo Clinic recommends placing a pillow beneath your pelvis and lower abdomen.

With this pillow in position, determine if a pillow beneath your head causes pain in your back.

If it does cause pain, consider sleeping without a pillow beneath your head and neck.


Mangar Floor Lifts Featured as a Product Invotator Pick on The MediCast Podcast

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On a recent episode of the popular podcast, The MediCast.

The Mangar floor lift systems, the Elk and Camel, were selected as one of the "product innovator picks" at the EMS Today convention.

They were selected by the podcast’s team because they were one of the most cutting-edge and interesting products at the convention.

Even if you are not in the EMS or first responder community, this a fantastic introduction into Mangar’s physical and financial solution.

Mangar’s Sales Director Roger Brereton spoke with The MediCast’s host Jamie Davis and EMS Garage’s host Chris Montera:


Some of the highlights from their interview:

  • An Elk or Camel Lift is assigned to each rapid response unit of the approximately 5,000 Rapid Response Units in the London Ambulance Service.

  • Ambulance Victoria in Victoria, Australia installed an Elk into every ambulance in their fleet. After having completed a 2 year study, Ambulance Victoria found that the highest musculoskeletal injuries had come from lifting patients from floor level to trolley or gurney height.

  • Chris Montera follows up that the typical back injury can cost an ambulance service anywhere from $50,0000-$100,000.

How to Install A Collapsible Water Dam: Square Corners

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The installation of the Collapsible Water Dam in a tile or manufactured shower pan with square corners is very similar to the process for the modular shower (below).

The Collapsible Water Dam fits both the above styles in acrylic, gelcoat, vikrel, solid surface, and cultured marble.

Before You Begin

When installing the Water Dam you need to have the proper end caps. For a square corned shower, the horizontal or square end caps are necessary. The square end caps will provide a proper and snug fit against the side of the shower’s wall. This square end cap along with a weighted shower curtain, will create a lasting and effective water seal.

Make sure you have the proper length Collapsible Water Dam. For installation an additional 6” is typically required (3” on either side) from the opening’s width.

Determine the location for the retaining dam to be installed. Double check that you have both the proper surface as well as length of water dam to ensure a successful installation.

Tools and Materials needed: utility knife, tape measure, straight edge, clear or white 100% silicone adhesive caulk, masking tape, rubbing alcohol, bucket of water and clean rags.

Installation Process:

1. Clean the shower’s threshold thoroughly. Ensure that all of the soap scum and shower debris has been removed with a standard bath cleaner. After the bath cleaner, chemically clean the intended area’s surface with rubbing alcohol.

2. Dry Fit: measure the required length. Be sure to include the length of the dam’s end caps in the overall measurement.

3. Measure and make the center point of the shower

4. Determine and measure the center point of the water dam.

6. Turn the water dam over, and cut the orange peel off strip at its halfway mark. Then, peel back a portion (4” roughly) of the orange peel off strip in one direction exposing its adhesive.

7. Line up the water dam’s strip with the pre-marked half way point of the shower.

8. Press down and adhere the 4” section of the strip

9. Pull and stretch the water dam, lining it up properly. Remove the remainder of the orange peel off strip when ready.

10. Press the Collapsible Water Dam into place

11. Peel, stretch, align, and pull the remaining half to the wall. Press the dam firmly into place.

12. Dry fit the Water Dam’s end caps to ensure a proper fit. The Collapsible Water Dam may be trimmed if required after stretching and adhering the dam).

13. Once a proper fit is verified, prepare to apply the silicon caulk to the dam.

14. Apply the silicone adhesive caulk to the floor, side wall, and male insert end of the end cap. Push in the male end of the end cap into the water dam.

15. Wipe clean with rubbing alcohol.

16. Allow 12 hours for the adhesive to fully set

17. Special Instructions for Grout Line Joints:

The grout joints or entire outer edge beneath the retainer must have additional caulk added to prevent soap and shower debris from lodging beat the Collapsible Water Dam. The dam’s adhesive does not fully cover the bottom of the dam to allow it to absorb the weight of a rolling chair (collapsing). Be sure to wipe off any excess caulk and let dry before using the shower.

The Collapsible Water Dam will provide a long term and easy to clean solution for your adapted shower needs.


How to Install A Collapsible Water Dam: Round Corners

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Collapsible water retainer shower dams are essential for roll-in showers.

They are designed to prevent dangerous and costly water spillage in a curbless shower stall. The Collapsible Water Dam can reduce both your home or facility's potential liability as well as maintenance.

Proper installation has to start with determining your shower’s corners.

The retainer dams are available for modular showers, which have rounded corners. And they are also available for tile showers or shower pans with square corners.

Each of these style showers will require a different measurement and end cap. Today we will focus on the installation of a Collapsible Dam in the Modular Shower using the radius or rounded end caps.

Before You Start:

Determine if you have the proper radius or rounded end cap for your shower. This will create a proper fit and finish. As a result, this will assist in keeping the shower’s curtain inside of the collapsible barrier. Adding a properly measured Weighted Shower Curtain can provide the most complete and effective solution available.

Make sure you have the correct length for your shower’s opening. Typically for radius corners you will need to purchase 6" ( 3" on either side) greater than the opening to properly cover the shower’s transition. Custom size water dams are available.  Special Note: a 1.5” wide flat surface is required for proper mounting.

Determine where you will be mounting the Collapsible Water Dam. See if your fiberglass reinforced shower has a small molded ridge or “water runoff assist” design. This ridge should be on the floor roughly 1-3” from the front entry edge of your shower unit. The inside of edge of the Water Dam should rest on the crown of the ridge allowing the water to run off properly. Use this ridge as your guide to mounting the collapsible dam parallel to this ridge.

If your shower does not have the water run-off style design ridge. The proper location for installation must be decided.

Tools & Materials Required: Utility Knife, tape measure, straight edge, clear or white silicone adhesive caulk, masking tape, rubbing alcohol, bucket of water and clean rags


1. Clean the threshold’s surface of all soap scum and debris using standard bath cleanser. Then, chemically clean the threshold’s surface with rubbing alcohol

2. Double check the required length for your Collapsible Water Dam by estimating the vertical rise necessary in the corner’s transition. Make sure that their is enough Water Dam to make this rise on either end.

3. Measure and mark the center point of the shower

4. Measure and make the center point of the Collapsible Water Dam’s strip

5. Turn over the Water Dam and cut on the orange peel of strip at the halfway mark. Peel of a small portion (roughly 4”) of the orange strip in one direction to expose the adhesive.

6. Line up the water dam with the pre-determined halfway mark or molded ridge crown of the shower starting at the halfway mark. Press on and stick the 4” strip of exposed adhesive. Pull and stretch the water dam and align before removing the remainder of the orange peel of strip. Press firmly into place

7. Peel, stretch, aline and pull the remaining half of the Water Dam to the wall. Press firmly into place

8. Push in the male end of the end cap into the water dam. Stick the end cap to the Water Dam with adhesive caulk and wipe clean. Clear or White adhesive type caulk is recommended.

9. Use masking tape to temporarily hold the Water Dam’s end cap in place until the caulk has dried.

10. (Optional) The outer edges beneath the retainer may be caulked if desired to prevent soap or shower debris from getting underneath the Water Dam. The Dam’s adhesive intentionally does not extend to the dam’s edge to allow it to absorb the impact of a rolling shower chair (collapse). Clean off any of this extra caulk and let dry before beginning use of the shower.

Now your Modular shower has a long lasting, easy to clean, bacterial and stain resistant barrier.

We will be discussing how to install your collapsible water dam in your shower with square corners tomorrow.


The Convenient and Affordable Walk-In-Tub Alternative

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The Mangar Bath Cushion is available now and ships same day from the Live Oak Warehouse Monday Friday.

Invented in 1981, The Mangar Bathing Cushion was the world’s first portable powered bath lift.

After its success in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, the Bath Cushion has just recently become available in the United States.

The Mangar Bathing Cushion has been called a life changing product. It is an inflatable, affordable, and fully portable bath lift system.

Its simple and light weight design makes travel and storage easy. With its cushion design, you can lie down completely so your entire body is covered with water like a proper bath.

In addition you may leave some air in the cushion for a comfortable back rest.

The system's inflating cushion also will adapt to the size and shape of the tub, allowing you to avoid expensive bathroom alterations. Walk-In Bath Tub installation can cost between $1,000 - $10,000 , not to mention the added inconvenience of having a contractor completing  the modification.

The Mangar Bathing Lift Cushion allows for you to experience the physical and mental health benefits of a hot natural bath.

The mental health benefits of natural bath can go beyond the soothing and calm bathroom environment. According to the Huffington Post adding essential oils such as Sage, eucalyptus, and lavender can offer a natural, medicinal mood booster and stress reliever. (5 Ways to Take An Aromatherapy Bath)

A warm bath can also naturally induce sleep. The warm bath water will gradually raise your body’s temperature. And, when exiting the bath tub your body temperature will lower. This change in your body temperature will naturally release melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that controls our internal circadian rhythms. It will prepare you for a restful night sleep.

The Mangar Bathing Lift Cushion offers unparalleled freedom and convenience to the user. If you have any other questions about the Bath Cushion System please call us at 888-940-0605 or e-mail us at

Humane Lift Deluxe Catalog: Caregiver

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The new Humane Lift by Live Oak Deluxe Catalog features our whole Humane Lift line as well as an in depth analysis of their significant financial and physical benefits for professional caregivers. We plan on releasing a follow up edition with a focus on the Humane Lift's benefits for your independence in the home.

Click here to Download the .pdf of the Data Sheet Below

Scrollable version below, to zoom in select the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner:

New Product Friday: The Reminder Rosie

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We are starting a new feature on the Live Oak Update. We have been expanding our selection of solutions and plan on highlighting one of these new products each week. Up first is the new Reminder Rosie:

The Reminder Rosie is a cutting-edge personalized medication and task management system. It is a proven, effective, and low cost solution for health improvement and routine management.

The Reminder Rosie (click here for detailed product page) uses cutting edge voice technology to execute custom treatment routines and reminders. Whether it is scheduling appointments or for medication, the Reminder Rosie will help seniors live independently and stay in their homes longer. It was recently featured in the AARP Bulletin’s Article: “New Technology Could Allow You or Your Parents to Age at Home". (Click Here for the article)

The Reminder Rosie can be fully voice controlled. With a series of simple voice commands, one can set custom recorded reminders. These reminders can be a loud “ take 2 of the blue pills, Grandpa” or even “Goodnight, Grandma” recorded by Grandchildren. After the reminder has been recorded, its prompts will guide one through assigning its schedule. The Reminder Rosie can record up to 10 6 second reminders for each day. It also can be operated as a voice controlled alarm clock. The Reminder Rosie will respond to “Set Time”, “Snooze”, and even “What time is it?” among other commands.

All of the Reminder Rosie’s functions can help the problem of medication adherence. Forgetting medication and its proper schedule can lead to serious problems. The former US Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, noted that “Americans non-adherence problem is a massive public health concern”.

This concern led Dr. Benjamin to be an early supporter of the Script Your Future Organization ( Script your Future hopes to find solutions and provide tools for our nation’s medical adherence problem. This problem affects nearly "half of all Americans (133 million) who are diagnosed with a least one long-term health condition, like asthma or diabetes. People with these common conditions take their medicine as directed only 50-60% of the time. Not only does this cost the patients their health, but it also costs the country nearly $300 billion each year in additional costs for doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospital admissions and additional medicine”. (

With the affordable and low-tech Reminder Rosie you or your loved can effectively manage their vital daily routine.

Also Live Oak's “CareGiving Aids” department provides a variety of solutions to help manage you or your loved one’s important schedule.